20 Reasons Why Photo Booths are Popular in NYC

Every photo booth around the world has its own story, often documenting the unique relationship between two individuals.

Everything could happen behind the curtains of a photo booth where moments are shared between you and the camera.

Still not convinced?


Here are 20 reasons why photo booths in NYC are so incredibly popular:


1. Despite having a smartphone with great digital cameras there is just magical that happens when getting behind the curtains of a photo booth to take a moment in front of the camera without anybody else watching.


2. There has always been something special with holding a physical photo. The nostalgia of holding a picture in your hand instead of seeing it through a screen has always been a better way to think back of the good old days.


3. It’s a great way to entertain your guests in New York City and find them often in the corner of nightclubs. Taking a break from busting a move to snap a photo that captures your night is always special.


4. It’s a great talking point! People love to talk about how they found a photo booth and took silly pictures.


5. Within seconds, several pictures have been taken – and they are all different! This forces you to think outside of the box and try the poses you have always wanted to try.


6. Older guests will definitely find a photo booth to be delightful and fun, taking them back to the good old days when smartphones didn’t exist.


7. Photo booths really are great for any occasion, whether it’s your sweet sixteen, wedding, corporate event or even your bar mitzvah.


8. They are memory makers and allows you to capture completely organic moments without you having to pose and waste time on setting the camera.


9. If you build it, they will come.

Let’s be honest, have you ever passed by a photo booth at a party without thinking who to take a picture with? Didn’t think so.


10. They really aren’t expensive. Considering how much a photo booth amplifies the party, the cost is cheap relative to the love it spreads.


11. Though photo booths can seem old-fashioned, today’s versions are very much aligned with the culture allowing you to share your photos on social media directly through the booth.


12. Today’s new photo booths in New York City could be tailored to your specific event, mirroring whatever theme you have going on.


13. A lot of today’s booths also come with goofy props, making the experience that much better.


14. They require no work for you to set up. Simply pick call the company, customize your booth and have them set it up for you.


15. Photo booths are pretty intimate and can capture beautiful pictures of you and that special someone.


16. The stripe of pictures you get from a photo booth suits perfectly on your fridge, mirror or even in the living room for people to see as they pass by.


17. I don’t know about you, but a photo booth usual sparks spontaneity. No stale pictures.


18. They certainly don’t put pressure on you to take a photo. You are in control.


19. There is instant gratification with seeing your pictures being printed out the second you leave the booth.


20. It captures your memories and adds a memorable touch to that specific moment.

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